10 Stocking Stuffers for your Favorite Healthy Foodie

10 Stocking Stuffers for your Favorite Healthy Foodie

Looking for a few ideas to toss into the stocking (*ahem*, I mean to tell Santa) this year? I have a few ideas for you to share with loved ones this holiday season. I know, you were not sure what to get your healthy friend or sister, were you? I’ve gotcha covered! Grab a few things from this list and check stocking stuffers off your list today!



Bubbly fermented tea that helps heal your gut and is filled with probiotics? Yes please, especially after all those heavy holiday treats! Seriously, throw a bottle of kombucha in your brother’s stocking. My favorite brands are Urban Farm Fermentory, Health-Ade, and GT’s. Urban Farm is available locally in Maine if you happen to live on the east coast (I will be immediately grabbing some of this deliciousness when I land in Maine this week!), otherwise Health-Ade and GT’s are pretty universally found in grocery stores. Choose your favorite flavor and voila!

Olive Oil

What the what? Yes, amazing EVOO can make all the difference in your recipes! My favorite brand is California Olive Ranch. For something a little more special than the original, try their Arbequina which has a peppery taste-- perfect for salad dressings or marinade. Last minute shopping? This brand can be found at Whole Foods.

On-the-go Snacks

I don’t buy a lot of packaged foods, but I DO usually have some bars on hand. My favorite go-tos are Macro Bars and Larabars. They have minimal ingredients and the Macro Bars have an extra punch of protein, which is often needed (Protein Pleasure is my favorite flavor!). Both can be found easily at any grocery store.

Seasonal Fruits

Stay with me here. I live for the season of Satsumas and Persimmons. Seriously. Just fill my stocking with these and call it good, okay Santa? Other winners? Dates. For someone who doesn’t eat a lot of desserts or has cut out processed sugar, fruit is a perfect treat.

Grain-Free Chips

Have a family member who is rocking the grain-free lifestyle? I’m in love with the Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Chips. They are light and delicious and come in three flavors: Sea Salt, Lime, and Nacho (personally, I think Nacho is the best!). You can find these at Whole Foods or your local health store. They are an all-around winner in my book.


Quality, organic, fair-trade chocolate for the person who loves sweets. Theo and Endangered Species are my go-to brands that can be found easily. Who wouldn’t love a sweet treat in their stocking this year? (Also perfect for a neighbor, teacher, or coworker!)


2017 has been the year of matcha EVERYTHING and for good reason! It has a slower-releasing caffeine that keeps your energy levels more steady throughout the day. Plus, matcha lattes are absolutely divine when made with amazing matcha. You can find an awesome roundup of matcha over on Happy. Healthy. Life.

Mushroom Coffee & Elixirs

The sample packs from Four Sigmatic* make a lovely stocking stuffer as you can try most of the varieties of what they offer. However, if you’re looking for a great option for someone with insomnia, I highly recommend the Mushroom Hot Cocoa (chill out vibes version). It tastes amazing and you’ll have a lovely sleep! You can get 10% off your order at Four Sigmatic by following this link. You can also find single packets of Four Sigmatic Elixirs at Sprouts (if you live in Cali) so you can pick and choose.

*Affiliate Link (I do get a small discount when you purchase through my link but you also get a discount which makes this a win-win.)

DIY Treats

Lastly, a few DIY treats you can make for neighbors, friends, coworkers, or to put in your mom’s stocking. My favorites are Hot Cocoa Mix and Gingerbread Truffles (only a few ingredients!).

Non-Toxic Hand Soap

With all that cooking your foodies do, a non-toxic hand soap for the kitchen is a must. My favorite easy-to-find brands are 7th Generation (Free & Clean) and Dr. Bronner’s Hand Soap. What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it-- you wouldn’t put toxic ingredients in your mouth so don’t put them on your hands!

What are your stocking stuffer go-tos? I’m always looking for some new favorites and would love to hear yours! Send me an email at karenscolorfulkitchen@gmail.com or find me on Instagram @karenscolorfulkitchen

Happy Holidays to you and yours! May your season be filled with love, family & gratitude.



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