3 Reasons to Make Your Own Spring Rolls

3 Reasons to Make Your Own Spring Rolls

Let’s face it, spring rolls are delicious but they seem really hard to make. Right? I mean, how do you even wrap them up? Well, lucky for you, I’m going to give you some pointers today!

Spring Rolls have become a staple in our house. Let’s dig into three reasons you should start making your own Spring Rolls at home!

No Cooking Required

You heard me correctly. No cooking. Now, there is an exception if you decide you want to add noodles or tofu to your spring rolls, but that will really require minimal effort on your part. I don’t usually use either, so for me, it’s a no-cook dinner, which is a nice break sometimes.

When it’s hot or you have had a long day or you just want something super fresh that isn’t a salad, this is the perfect meal. Bulk them up with lots of fresh veggies (or fruit!) and eat to your hearts content. (Be sure to make a few extra for lunch tomorrow while you’re at it!)


This is the best part! You can add any kind of fruit or vegetable that you want! I usually stick with a fairly similar theme because it’s one that I love, but you should experiment and add or take out anything that you don’t like.

Mine usually include: basil, mint, cilantro, avocado, cucumber, grated carrots, bell peppers, and apple slices. The herbs really make it (in my opinion) but if you don’t like basil, just keep it out! You could also add parsley for another fresh and super healthy herb.

If you want to add noodles, just cook them ahead of time and allow them to cool before you wrap them up!

Easy to Prepare

This is the part that usually scares people a little bit. Rice paper wraps can seem really daunting if you have never used them, but I promise that once you try this you will laugh at how easy it is!
Basically, prep all of your vegetables beforehand and set aside. Soak rice paper wraps one at a time to soften and then lay on a flat surface (I use a cutting board) and fill with your veggies, noodles, herbs, etc. Fold in the sides and then roll up! Complete your dinner with a homemade dipping sauce (see below for recipe!)

Tips for Using Rice Paper Wraps

  • Have a shallow dish of warm water ready (I usually use the cover to a storage container dish that is big enough for the wrap to lie flat)

  • Allow the wrap to sit in the water (completely submerged) for about 30 seconds or so to soften it up

  • When you take one wrap out of the water to prepare it, immediately put another wrap in the water. That way, while you are filling one wrap, you have another one getting ready for you!

  • Add lots of veggies but try not to overstuff each wrap. It will be a little trial and error to find the perfect amount for you, but the good news is that even if they break, they are delicious! You can always add a second wrap if you need to to keep it together.

Seriously, you will love these. Try it out for dinner this week on a night you don’t feel like cooking and be sure to make a couple extra to bring for lunch tomorrow! And be sure to make this delicious dipping sauce to go with them-- you won’t regret it!


Almond Dipping Sauce

2 tsp Almond Butter
2 TBSP Tamari
1 tsp Sesame Oil
½ tsp rice vinegar
½- 1 tsp Sriracha or chili paste, or to taste
Pinch of fresh grated ginger

Whisk all ingredients together. Add warm water, a teaspoon at a time, to thin out sauce to desired consistency. If storing extra sauce, you will want to add more warm water to thin out again before using.

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