Nut & Seed Milks

Nut & Seed Milks

I’m sure you have tried almond milk (maybe even liked it?) It’s nutty and smooth and is an easy transition to a non-dairy alternative for your cereal, oats, and smoothies.

Almonds are amazing powerhouses of nutrition, but did you also know that you can make nut milks using other nuts and seeds? I did a taste test of three different homemade nut and seed milks for you and I’m here to share my thoughts!

Before we dive into my personal opinions on these nut and seed milks, you need to know how easy it is to make your own nut milk at home. When I made my first batch I thought “oh my gosh, why have I not been doing this all along??” It was truly a lightbulb moment!

To make your own nut milk, you’ll need 1 cup of your preferred nut, 4 cups of water and a blender. That’s it. Seriously. The store bought milks are great in a pinch but contain ingredients to elongate the shelf life and most contain carrageenan. Carrageenan is extracted from seaweed, which makes it sound harmless, but it is quite taxing on the digestive system. I highly encourage you to check out both Meghan Telpner’s and Wellness Mama’s posts on carrageenan for more in depth information on this hot topic.

Now let’s get down to business and make our own nut and seed milks!

Aside from the beloved almond milk that I make regularly, for this post I tried cashews, brazil nuts, and hemp seeds (for a nut-free version.) You will find a recipe for hemp seed milk below but the nuts you can try out on your own by using the simple ratio of one cup nuts to four cups water.

Cashews are not only delicious but good for kidney function. Cashews work to help detoxify the kidneys with a vitamin called choline. Choline is also found in spinach and beets. I made a cashew milk by blending my cashews and water together and then straining out the remaining solids in a mesh bag like this. I found the taste to be just as lovely as almonds and easy to incorporate into cereal or even tea!

Brazil nuts are a great source of Vitamin B1, which helps to increase energy and keep you alert. They are also a great antioxidant. Who doesn’t need that? I love eating Brazil nuts on their own and try to have a couple each day. I didn’t find the taste of this milk as easy to drink straight, but it was good blended in a smoothie!

Hemp seeds are amazing. I really truly eat these every single day. Sprinkle them on a salad, stir them in your oatmeal, or mix them into a smoothie. Hemp seeds are complete proteins, meaning that they are a great balance of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. If you only add one superfood to your mix, this is the one to add!

I hope you’ll try the recipe below and experiment with some of your own at home. I would love to hear what kinds of non-dairy milks you are creating in your kitchen!


Hemp Seed Milk

½ c hemp seeds
4 c filtered water
Splash vanilla (optional)

Mix ingredients in a blender until smooth. Strain contents of blender through a mesh bag. Pour on your cereal, drink with a cookie, or add to your oatmeal or smoothie!

To store, place in mason jar with cover and keep refrigerated. Will last up to one week. Shake well before using as water and seeds will separate when they are sitting (there is no emulsifier in here!) Just give it a good shake and you’re ready to go!

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