June Roundup

June Roundup

May seems to have escaped me, but I’m ready for June! June brings summer weather, picnics, cookouts, beach trips, and, for me, summer vacation. The countdown is on to the last day of school and the kids are getting antsy (maybe not only the kids…). This roundup is filled with inspiration to read at the beach, easily make in your kitchen (with little to no cooking required!) and to listen to on your morning commute. I hope you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom packed in here that will leave you feeling ready for summer!



The Environmental Impact of Eating Vegan for Just One Day by Dr. Joel Kahn

When Your Partner Doesn’t Support Your Health Habits by Meghan Telpner

A Guide to Understanding Fats: Myths and Reality by Sondi Bruner

10 Important Questions to Ask your Farmer at the Market by Meghan Telpner

3 Tips to Enjoy a Summer Cookout When You Don’t Eat Meat

Is it Better to Buy Second Hand or New and Sustainable? by Going Zero Waste



That’s So Maven Podcast Episode #12 with Megan Bruneau: Is There a Downside to the Wellness Industry? (Really great one on being discerning with Social Media)

Party In My Plants Podcast Episode #37: Healthy Hedonism, Hashimoto’s and Haha’s! With Phoebe Lapine



The Power of Mindfulness: What you Practice Grows Stronger with Shauna Shapiro (this is truly an amazing talk and is only 13 minutes long-- a must watch!)

How Mindfulness Empowers Us: An Animation Narrated by Sharon Salzberg

Meditation 101: A Beginner’s Guide Animation (only 2 minutes long and breaks it down really easily for anyone new to meditation.)



Cali Salad for your next BBQ or picnic

Strawberry Banana Chia Pudding will be your new favorite breakfast

Vegan Cheezy Lime Popcorn -- your next movie or party snack

Easy Vegan Basil Avocado Dressing (perfect for salads, pasta, and as a dip!)


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Raw Vegan Brownies

Raw Vegan Brownies

Vegan Cheezy Lime Popcorn

Vegan Cheezy Lime Popcorn